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  • Window Replacement

    The window replacement process is often the most overlooked component of a homeowner’s window purchase. There are vast differences between us and most window replacement companies who cut corners on labor or subcontract their work to outsiders. At Einar Johanson, our long term salary employed installation teams take a true craftsman approach to their work. These differences become apparent in the visible look of your home. Your new windows are custom built for your existing home and installed to give the appearance of new construction. They will not protrude outward and look unnatural on the exterior of your home. The interior is then carefully finished so you can appreciate the view of your new windows every day. Our long term company employed installers take great care not to disturb any personal items in your homes interior, and to protect walls, carpet and hardwood floors. We take great care in caulking and weatherstripping to ensure against any leakage. And once your windows are installed, you can be sure that the long term structural integrity of your home is preserved.


    Door Replacement

    Replacing your main entry door has been rated as adding the most value to your home of any home improvement project because of the instant curb appeal it can add. Call us to schedule your door replacement.


    Replacement Window & Door Financing

    With over 50 years of experience working with multiple lenders here at Einar Johanson, we are confident - YOU'RE APPROVED. We offer 0% APR on selected terms, for up to 18 months. We have payments as low as $58.50 per month (based on credit approval). Because of our competitive pricing structure, we find that the majority of our clients do not need financing. We accept credit cards without charging fees, so you can take advantage of credit card rewards programs. Cash and checks are also accepted as payment.